Cherish project exhibition on display in Rush Library

CHERISH Project Exhibition now on display in Rush Library, Co. Dublin

The CHERISH Project: Climate Change and Coastal Heritage exhibition is on display in Rush Library, Co. Dublin and will continue until 1 November 2021.

CHERISH is a team of archaeologists, geologists and geographers studying the effects of climate change on coastal and maritime heritage in Ireland and Wales. From the skies, at the coast edge, and beneath the waves we are using the latest technologies including planes, drones and radar to carry out research. We are monitoring recent and long-term change to reveal the past and present impacts of weather and climate on our rich cultural heritage. Our work involves investigating archaeological sites and environments around our coasts including shipwrecks, promontory forts, wetlands and sand dunes.

In the Fingal area, CHERISH research includes the Rogerstown Estuary to Loughshinny foreshore where the team are undertaking a walkover survey or Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment (RCZA) to identify threats to archaeological sites. This adds to the record of sites, and compliments already known sites increasing our understanding of the risks faced by changing waves, wind, rain and temperature patterns. This walkover survey has been complimented by manned and unmanned aerial, and LiDAR surveys.