Postgraduate Workshops Spring 2019

Tuesday 5th February 2019
Postgraduate workshop: Castles in Ireland before c.1300
Facilitated by Con Manning @ The Discovery Programme, 6 Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2 @2-4pm
The workshop will discuss mottes and timber castles generally and the issue of pre-Norman castles in Ireland. The earliest stone castles, great towers, hall houses, hall keeps, chamber towers, halls and chamber blocks will be discussed. As will the use of timber defences at otherwise stone castles. A lot of the examples will be castles excavated and/or published by Con Manning such as Dublin Castle, Glanworth Castle, Roscrea Castle, Clogh Oughter and Clonmacnoise Castle.
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Tuesday 9th April 2019
Postgraduate workshop: Communicating Archaeology
Facilitated by Dr Sharon Greene, Editor of Archaeology Ireland @ The Discovery Programme, 6 Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2 @2-4pm
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Public outreach has always been an important element of archaeology but who is it for, what are the best ways to do it and is it always appropriate? This workshop will look at how we engage with a general audience using both the spoken and written word in various media.