Archaeology 2025 article in Internet Archaeology

Mary Teehan’s co-authored article in Internet Archaeology discusses the Archaeology 2025 strategy and compares it to examples in Scotland and England.

Teehan, M., Jones, R.H. and Heyworth, M. 2018 Three for One: Analysis of Three Differing Approaches to Developing an Archaeology Strategy, Internet Archaeology 49.

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Paper Summary: Is the involvement of the public, commercial, governmental or academic elements of society a desired outcome for the future of archaeology within cultural heritage? If so, how is this best achieved? The involvement of multiple stakeholders calls for a strategic approach and formalised structures. In the last three years, three organisations have developed three strategies in three differing jurisdictions — Ireland, Scotland and England. Each had varied stakeholder engagement focuses. The following article analyses the choices made in stakeholder involvement, the outcomes, challenges and effects on implementation plans.