Sandra Henry

Lead Research Archaeologist on the CHERISH Project

Sandra Henry Lead Research Archaeologist on the CHERISH Project

Sandra’s role within the CHERISH project involves site identification, development of methodologies and research to understand the impacts of climate change on cultural heritage. Research topics will address management of under threat coastal cultural heritage, development of best practice guidelines and further understanding of the project sites and their associated material culture along with placing the sites within the wider context of the Irish Sea Zone.

Sandra holds a Bachelor’s degree in archaeology and classical studies and a Masters in maritime archaeology. Sandra’s PhD research focuses on climate change impacts on cultural heritage. This research focuses predominantly on promontory forts, an understudied and at-risk Irish site type. This research details the varied methodologies employed by the CHERISH project to record and investigate at-risk sites in order to create substantial site and landscape records. Other research interests include maritime cultural landscape studies, underwater archaeological survey and recording methods and naval warfare.

See Academia for a list of Sandra’s publications.