Dr Linda Shine

Public Engagement and Outreach Officer

Dr Linda Shine Public Engagement and Outreach Officer

Linda works as the Public Engagement and Outreach Officer at the Discovery Programme and her goal is to make the Discovery Programme’s research accessible to as wide an audience as possible. She communicates this archaeological research through exhibitions, publications, events for the public and the archaeological community, and through social media and other online outlets.  Linda organises many events in collaboration with other organisations and with the communities in which the Discovery Programme has carried out its research.

Linda manages the content for this website, the Discovery Programme social media accounts, the Discovery Programme annual reports, and anything else that crosses her desk.

She is an active member of the CHERISH Project team, helping to communicate the important research being carried out on the impact of climate change on coastal cultural heritage. She escapes the office for fieldwork whenever possible.

Linda has a BA degree in archaeology and history, and MA in archaeology from NUI, Galway. She completed her doctoral research in Trinity College Dublin focused on medieval rural settlement and cross-cultural interactions in her home county of Kilkenny and in Cavan. She is interested in anything that could be described as a castle and in spreading her interest in archaeology and history to as wide an audience as possible. She has published a number of papers on medieval settlement in Ireland and has presented her research at conferences in Ireland and abroad.

Linda has worked in both the Public Sector (Assistant Keeper, National Museum of Ireland and Archaeologist, National Monuments Service) as well as in commercial archaeology. She has also worked on the archaeological component of community heritage and heritage tourism projects with Meath Partnership and Ulster University. She taught the Public Archaeology module of the MPhil in Public History and Cultural Heritage in Trinity College Dublin. Linda is a member of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland and a committee member of the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement.

See ResearchGate for a full list of Linda’s publications and LinkedIn for more on her biography.