Finds conservator and find specialists required

The CHERISH Project ( is looking for a finds conservator and find specialists for two excavations:

The two intended excavations are small scale research led excavations that will occur over a 7-14-day period. It is requested that those tendering for the work provide day rates and also call out rates in the instance that a site visit is required:

It is intended the first excavation will take place at Ferriter’s Promontory Fort & Headland, County Kerry in the latter half of April.

The other is to take place on in the first half of September in county Waterford.

Those invited to tender at this stage are:

  • Finds Conservator
  • Osteologist: Animal Bone Specialist : Human Remains Specialist
  • Palaeo-environmentalist (Charcoal & Plant Remains)

Closing date for proposals is 21 February 2020 at 17:00.

Please contact Sandra Henry ( for further details.